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Hey guys,

We (AltRider) are looking for one lucky Africa Twin owner to test out our new High Fender Kit in White so we can get some post-install pictures. We have our own Africa Twin (Red colorway) but the white fender doesn't look so hot on it. I put a pic in to show what I'm talking about. I think most would agree that it would be best paired with the Red/White/Blue version that's got those sweet gold wheels. So now we're on the hunt for a Tri-Color Africa Twin.

That's where one of you come in! If you've got the bike we're looking for, want to score an amazing deal on this kit (one that no one else will be offered), and don't have a problem with getting us some cool shots, LET US KNOW!

If anyone is interested, just shoot me an email at Sales @ . Another option is to just give us a call at 206-922-3618 and ask for Bruce.


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