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Lots of AT goodies for sale. I'm **** near the end of my build, and I have a few choice items left over that I'm letting go for a steal. Shipping included within the US, we'll talk if you live elsewhere, but I won't rip you off...

$300 ... Rapid Bike EVO Tuner NIB ... This is the Non-Exclusive model, so it will work on a multitude of bikes, not just the Africa Twin. US wiring adapter included.

$175 ... Outback Motortek Upper Crash Bars, Like New ... I mounted them, but found out they will not work with my Baja Designs fog lights. They were on the bike for two days, never off road.

$125 ... Traction Control Override Module, NIB ... This little guy overrides the traction control reset on the bike, remembering where you had it when you shut it off. Set it and forget it.

$60 ... Speedo DRD from 12 O'Clock Labs NIB ... I bought this when I was running a 15t front sprocket to correct the speedo error. I'm back to the stock 16t, so I won't be needing it.

$50 ... Rox Risers, Used but in great shape ... Gunmetal, 1 1/2" Barback Risers for 1 1/8" Handlebar, Model #3R-B17R-15M

Please PM for more details or if you have any questions. Thanks!


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