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Madstad windscreen for 2020 AT Adventure Sport (will fit 2021 from what I can see)

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As some of you may know, my ATAS has been at Madstad for the last few weeks where they have been using it as a test mule to come up with a new windscreen design for it. I am posting photos of what is basically the first prototype version. As such it may not be the final product as I am giving feedback to them as I ride it. As for whether you find the design attractive or not, it is up to you.

TBH, I had mixed feelings when I first saw it but it has really grown on me, especially in the taller shield. Pictured is the 18" one in clear. I also have a 20" with the light smoke that I am trying as well. One of the interesting things is the lower wings that move in and out. This was a creative solution to give maximum width at cruise but accommodate the bars at full lock. The max width in the top section is 18.5" and with the lower wings at max width, it is also 18.5". With them in it tapers to 14".

The factory windscreen bracket is removed and replaced by Madstad's own design. This gives about a 2" vertical range of adjustment and about 15-20 degrees to recline the screen. While I wish it was a bit more, it does make a fair amount of difference and probably keeps it within the structural limits of the bracket. BTW, so far I've incrementally tested it to low triple-digit speeds with no issue. My previous screen was the MRA Vario Touring and that was tested to significantly faster speeds with no issue. The Madstad screen and bracket where much more solid at triple digit speeds than the stock screen or MRA screen. Neither of those were what I'd call bad but the Madstad clearly was more stable. No aerodynamic issues that I could see either.

To help put any of my impressions it will be helpful to give some insight into my physical dimensions. I am about 6'1" but with a tall torso and shorter legs. I am also using the Corbin saddle instead of the stock one and it is the low version as well. I normally wear a 2XLT jacket and have pretty broad shoulders. If I was as tall as my torso might indicate, I would likely be 6'6" or so. If based on my legs, probably about 5'10".

Initial riding impressions are pretty good. I really like the concept of the adjustable wings. On the highway they really make a difference. There is a pretty nice still pocket of air behind the screen and it didn't take me too long to adjust it. Even relatively small changes have been obvious. Having said that, I definitely need a taller screen. I put on the 20" and it was better but maybe not tall enough. That one is light smoke but all I had was the clear wings so I put back on the 18" for the photos. I think I might end up needing a 22" if they make it. I can easily see over the 20" and I am getting hit with a bit of buffeting at the top of my helmet unless I duck down about 2 inches or so.

The wings themselves definitely help reduce the amount of air spilling around the screen. There is also enough air under the screen so that you don't have a huge vacuum sucking you toward the screen. I haven't ridden in rain yet so I can't tell if there will be any spillage under the screen.

Overall I like the screen. The optics are excellent. Even for a prototype, the finish is excellent. There are a few things yet to be refined but I think it is probably pretty close to the final product. I am going to ride each day and give my feedback. Over time the little wings may end up with some scratching. Currently, there is nothing to prevent that but there will be little silicon nubbins/buttons that will minimize that. You could take them off if you want but for me they are a keeper. There is enough tension to easily keep there where you want but move in when at full lock.

I was not compensated to write this review. For the use of my bike, I was given the windscreen for the use of my bike. My opinions are purely my own. Madstad makes very good windscreens and I have them on several of my other bikes. If the taller windscreen works out like I think it will, this will likely be my favorite option of the 5 varitions I've tried so far. Until this one, my favorite had been the MRA Vario Touring.

I have no idea what the final pricing will be. They likely will post more info after they get feedback from me this next week. I plan to ride 400-500 miles this week to expand upon my initial impressions. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer. I'll try and take some better photos from the front when I get a chance. The clear screen is just harder to see the contours from the front but not so bad from the rear and side.

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Good Morning,
Has the past few months of riding changed your thoughts on this "flap" mod?
Hello... I have about the same impressions as my last post... the "flaps" provide pretty good protection, but they do "flap" and rattle a little - mostly in crosswinds... overall, although it is not ideal, it is the best option I have seen for wind protection on the AT - given the limited horizontal space in front...Hope that helps...

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