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Coming off an 14' Yamaha FZ-09 and an 09' HD FLSTSB to this beauty. Added some Honda OEM parts and Rigid D Series Amber Spots. Rode 200 miles here in Maine yesterday. WHAT A MACHINE.

5'10'' with a 31'' inseam. No issues. Slight top of helmet buffeting at speed with windshield all the way up.

• GPS soon
• Still thinking about soft or the OEM aluminum hard panniers.
• Tankbag soon
• More aggressive tires later this spring
• Windscreen clip on extension I think
• Swap out oem plastic handguards.

Really looking forward to exploring the NEBDR, Labrador & NewFoundland this season :)


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Give Carplay/AA a shot before going dedicated GPS, you may like it more. There's a lot of map apps, the normal Google/Apple then you have Rever/Scenic toward motorcycles and Gaia or Onxoffroad for topographic or satellite. Gaia has a ton of mapping options, every topo you can imagine plus things like weather and cell coverage, nautical, flight charts etc.

Tomtom also has the Go app which is basically identical to the software on the Rider 550. I use that one the most because I really like mydrive (tomtom's web planning page) which can import gpx easily and convert to turn by turn.

OSMand is great for open source maps as well.

I think all of the mapping apps support offline as well.

I may see you in Labrador, I'll be up there the first couple weeks of August. I'm riding up to Maine (I'm from Maine) from Alabama where I currently live and meeting up with guys I grew up with and my dad and we're doing Gaspe peninsula/Labrador/Newfoundland/Cabot Trail and back to midcoast. Then I ride back to Alabama into the heat. It'll probably feel like the Arctic at 40-60 degrees after being down south all summer.
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