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So the H&B tool tube provided by Caribou Cases actually doesn't fit on the H&B racks that they sell. I learned this after ordering one and not being able to figure out how the heck it mounts to the rack. After going back and forth a bit with them we realized why; the tube is made for a different style of rack that H&B makes for the AT. CC was awesome and gave me a refund and also said to just keep it, not worth the return for them as they couldn't return it to H&B anyway. I could tell there was a way to make it fit but didn't have the time to figure it out.

Fast forward a few weeks, my in-laws moved in with us for a "little while" so I had plenty of reasons to spend some time in the garage :)

I first had to replace the clamp for the front end of the tube with a smaller diameter one. I found a 3/8" rubber insulated one in the electrical section at Home Depot that fit perfectly with the originally provided front stainless bracket and hardware.

For the rear I templated up a bracket and cut it out of some 16ga steel plate. I don't have a brake so the bends are a little messy but overall it fits well and is easily accessible. I used the provided hardware to attach it to the tube and rack. I may take the template to a fab shop near me that can laser cut and bend the bracket for me with 14ga stainless but that isn't a big priority, plus they really would rather make 50 brackets for me than 1 so unless there is any demand here I'll probably just squirt it with some satin black paint and move on.

The only issue is that you have to unthread the cover with your hand under the rack and then remove the cover that way as well, really not a huge deal.

I have an "MSR" style fuel bottle in it with 750ml of ethanol-free, 91 octane fuel with a stabilizer added inside just in case I get stranded and am only a short distance away from civilization. It would be great for storing just about anything else too.


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