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Mass centralising/Where's the battery

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The battery on my 2 1/2 year old AT gave up the ghost today WTF?
Batteries should last longer than that.
Bike would not bump start down a slope due to clutch slipping, tried it in 2nd 3rd 4th Nada.
Do these have Slipper clutches?
I then had to find the battery to jump start, the Bugger was not under the seat,
It was nestling hidden behind the tool kit behind the cylinders and was a complete arse to
get out.
Centralised Mass, Do we really need it on a bike like this, Why not have the battery under the seat like
it (nearly)always was.

Rant over!
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Hello, I Went to your link and it is for a CRF 100 A and D. I have a CRF 100 L. Am I correct in thinking the A is for a manual transmission and D is for the automatic transmission?

Welcome to the Forum @Ferfersoto. Feel free to post a picture of your beastly ride, and/or introduce yourself in the New Members area of the Forum.

RE CRF1000L: "D" indicates DCT model. Honda usually uses "A" for has ABS.
I don't understand. You have had this bike since January 2017 and didn't even know where the battery was.

here.. a gift. CRF1000L Werkstatthandbuch Englisch.pdf
Nice gift. Handy.
I have heard the cost of a new Honda lithium battery is similar to the weight in gold

Options when they fail?
Shorai lithium-iron battery! That is what I put in my 2017 DCT.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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