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Mechanical noise from engine.

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Has anyone noticed a mechanical vibration type noise coming from your engine between 4000 and 6000 rpm especially on a slight down hill when you just feathering the throttle. Most noticeable in 2nd but through all gears. Dealer heard and says normal but I'm not convinced. Unfortunately no demo bike available for me to ride and compare. Up to 4000 super smooth.
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Mine is mechanicaly noisey most noticeable when cruising at 110 kph to130kph its not a vibration and it is less noticeable now the bike has 6000kls on it,I think it's because the air behind the screen is very still at that speed and the sound travels up behind the fairing alloy bash plates tend to amplify mechanical noise.I found it annoying at first and wore earplugs when riding on the freeway's,as i don't ride many main roads i think its a small price to pay to have such good dirt and back road performance and comfort,and you do get used to it.
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