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2019 ATAS Manual
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2600 km's so far and I'm really enjoying the Africa Twin, but really just getting to know the bike still. I immediately swapped out the Dunlops for the Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires and have found them to be very competent off-road as expected. They howl above 60 kph, so pretty noisy on the highway. But I'm willing to sacrifice some noise and on-road performance for the aggressive tread. I've been a dirt guy since I was 8 years old...I'm nearly 50 now. This is my first "big bike" and I'm loving it.

Other than tires and Barkbusters I haven't really modified it. I have the Camel ADV Bridged Riser on order...cuz well I dropped it and already experienced the bars all twisted up in the clamps and it freaked the crap out of me! Thought my bars were bent at first...nearly passed out thinking about how much this was gonna cost to fix and my cheap Scottish disposition wasn't helping.

However, it was this a thread on this forum that put my mind at ease and gave me all the info I needed to put it all right again. So, thank you fellas for that!

I can see some additions/modifications coming down the line, like a center stand, lower engine guards, some sort of protection for the headers, high fender kit, pannier racks, top rack and box, some crash bar bags, etc, etc,
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