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Had my AT a year now and time for panniers to enable camp trips and actual adventures. Wondering if anyone has opinions on the ideal size of pannier bags?

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Great topic for discussion. I have the 35Ls on my AT and honestly wish they were 45s. Of course the bigger, the more crap you will cram in them. If Mosko made a 45, I’d want a 75!

My 35s do the job on 2-3 week trips but I still need a large top bag, and that can make it feel top heavy off road at slow speeds. I’d like more capacity in the panniers and a smaller, lighter, top bag. Pack your heavier items in the bottom of your panniers to keep the bulk of the weight low, and after a few trips you will begin to minimize your gear to what you actually need and use. I would suggest the larger size, having the extra room is better than not having it.

While on this topic, I modified the mounting of the Mosko on my 2017 AT. On the non exhaust sides they mounted too close to the bike and the passenger grab handles interfered with removing them. I only used one of their “pucks” to attach the bag to the bottom of the SW Motech detachable rack. I then drilled out the threads on an extra puck and used it as a spacer to give additional clearance for the bags. I showed this to the Mosko gang at the Overland Expo, and they liked the idea. This may not be an issue with newer model ATs or different racks, but it’s an easy solution if you have a similar issue. And the SW “detachable” racks are not really detachable due to them recommending the additional and included bracket for off road use.

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Exhaust side

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Non exhaust side with extra puck used as a spacer.
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