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Hey all,

New to the adventure world on bikes and looking forward to what is ahead. Plan is to take time off and make my way out west on the trans-am trail or something similar to it. I'm an architect and would love to visit structures along the way whenever possible. Love the national parks tour idea as well and might combine a little of that along the way. Hoping to depart my journey from Stamford, CT mid October - early November of 2017 and end up somewhere in the west coast. Solo is probably what I would end up doing unless someone would like to join I am open to that idea as well.

Next up, I need to farkle out the ride and create how-to videos for others to learn. I've always appreciated when others have done it and would love feedback as to how to make them better for when it's my turn to make them.

I'm extremely thankful to have a supportive wife and look forward to many miles on my sidechick. I'm open to making new friends and if I can help, great!

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