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Mt Kanlaon is a volcano in the central Philippines on the island of ******. I have been wanting to take a little tour around the base of this volcano, so I got to talk some of my riding buddies to come along with me.

Our group is a very mixed group of motorcycle riders, from age to bikes and thus we call ourselves the Mixed Nuts.

This day we meet-up early at the our favorite meeting up gas station and depart at 0530H to catch a ferry across to the next island. The initial ride to get there takes us over a mountain pass we call the TCH (Trans Central Highway/a kind of homage to PCH). Rides a little over an hour and ferry crossing a mere 1 hr.

When we get there many of the roads that looked fine and paved on googlemaps streetview (2015/2016 vintage) were a mess. So all these produced a great adventure and confirmed to our sole remainder rider with a Harley that Adventure Touring Bikes was the way to go.

The main point of this video is that there were three (3) of us on Honda CRF1000L Africa Twins.
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