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So I put 100 miles on my AT. I changed out the tires myself for Shinko 804 805's all by my lonesome. First time for me. The beads released fairly easily with my motion pro spreaders and the tires spooned off fairly easily with the spoons on the other end of the spreaders. That was nice. And then after watching the Dunlop tire changing videos as well as a few other AT vids on youtube I went about putting the Shinkos on. Went on pretty easy. I think I could actually handle an emergency tire situation now. I was able to just move the tire weights around and did not have to add any more for the tires to balance. The ride on those tires is as good as the original with no vibrations and good road manners. I did not even notice any noise increase.

The second mod was just an adjustment. The throttle had a bit of slop at idle and it was well worth looking up in the manual how to adjust the cable to take the slack out. It was really easy and gave me much more precise control for slow speed turns and maneuvering.

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