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New AT owner but not till April

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Went for a test ride yesterday, what a beautifully balanced
and made motorcycle.

Own a Tracer at the moment, great bike, too but needs tyres and a service so instead of spending £450 on it P/X it for an
Africa Twin DCT (Black) sold all 1st batch in UK so waiting
till March/April.

look forward to getting to know and share with you guys.

p.s. by the way this will be my 5th new bike in 7yrs.

FZ1-N. Triumph Explorer. Triumph Tiger Sport. Tracer.:surprise:
depreciation is costing me a
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depreciation is costing me a
Don't get me started on depreciation... people on here are probably sick of me saying it, but I'm about to lose over $13,000 on a bike under 2 years old in order to get the Africa Twin!! :crying:

Welcome to the forum!
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I hate depreciation too that's why I just leave them in the garage.
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Easy to justify , Fun costs money .
count how many summers you have left ???
then use this formula .. N + 1
(N being the amount of bikes you need )
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At least with the AT you're not shelling out a huge amount in the first place when comparing it with BMWs and KTMs. So even if the percentage drop on a Honda is bigger than with a BMW (and I'm not always convinced that is the case really) you still don't lose as much...

And servicing might be cheaper and less frequent on the Honda. You'd certainly hope it would be available to ride more often too - not laid up awaiting parts... The Honda is probably more economical all round actually.
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Its nice nice to know I am not he only one!

I think the AT will hold its price well, especially if it proves to be a great bike.

We dont by them for resale value anyway, just to enjoy.
It'll hold its value a lot better than the Moto Guzzi I'm trying to sell in order to buy it, that's for sure!!
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