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Hi folks,
I am a recent biker (not a young one) and purchased my Africa Twin last week.
I am 55 and I ride a motorcycle since fev 2018. Previously just scooters.
My first bike was a CB500X, purchased new. It was a great machine, easy to learn, light and nimble. Its low power never was a problem for my riding needs.
As I am 6'2" and 100kg, I never felt comfortable in its little dimensions. Additionally its suspension is really poor. So, instead of going for improovements in this chapter, I decided for selling it and mooving for a proper adventure bike.
My riding style is just for fun, mainly road to get familiarized with this big and heavy machine, and gradually try a little soft off road.
Tried the BMW F800GSA, looked also to the 1200GS and the new Tenere700. Finally decided for a used, low mileage, 16 registered AT, manual.
I became member in this forum to learn from fellow members technical insights, about setting suspensions, maintenance, tyres, etc.
Best regards for every body.
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