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Received my new DCT last Friday. Ordered a DCT based on "faith" :roll eyes: Made 950Km during the weekend :grin2:
Driving it is easy and a continuos pleasure, so incredible balanced. Only the first 50Km were too cerebral... (DCT)
For normal ride, during this first kms, I used mostly the S1 with rare manual intervention, necessary sometimes to force lower gear for a faster pass. The D mode is really just for open roads smooth riding 0:)
I have to compare it with my previous 3 cylinder tiger:
- The two cylinders are less "elastic" than the tree; need more "work" from gear box. Fortunately it's a DCT.
- The rider's seat is bad compared with the tiger one. I felt pain after 150Km ride, the same pain was usual after 350Km with the tiger... :crying: I hope it's because I don't ride for 4 months... waiting the AT.
- I put my feet on the ground easier with the AT (I'm just 1,70m), maybe because of the seat design, and maybe the design is the cause for my pain in the ass... >:)
- The AT is much stable at any speed.
- Wind protection is better, even compared with the tiger's touring bigger wind shield. Maybe better design.
- It sounds gorgeous. I even stopped listening to music with intercom...
- By now 5,8 L/100km, 5,2 L/100km was the normal with my tiger.
- Computer information is not as complete as tiger's. But information presentation is better.
- AT suspensions are much comfortable.
- It feel's more stable in curve than the tiger.

I'm very pleased with my AT DCT. Overall is a better bike than my previous, and it's exactly what I was expecting when I decided to switch. The only downgrade is the seat comfort...

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Congrats on the new DCT AT. Overall the Africa Twin seems to be winning over your old tiger 800 except for the seat. I'm sure you'll be able to find a more comfortable aftermarket one.
Both bikes are very good, but today I have no doubt about the one I would chose, having both in the garage, when leaving for a 10 days journey... the AT.
Driving it give me an annoying and permanent smile! :grin2:

One more thing; After 23 years driving motorbikes, 15.000km to 20.000km per year, I had some doubts about DCT... Today I'm really convinced, and consider it more comfortable and funcional.
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