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Greetings from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! Although I follow this forum for a while, I promised myself I would only proceed with the register with the arrival of my new AT DCT.
TODAY WAS THE DAY!!! After a long wait, I finally left my old Suzuki GSR in the Honda’s dealer and brought home my new AT!! What a felling, guys!!! It took me back 20 years ago, when I got my old Transalp and had that crazy need to ride for miles without stopping... The technology is completely different but the rush is the same!
Interesting that I never felt comfortable with the Suzuki and I thought it was a problem of me getting old... But no, was really a case of wrong ridding...
Thank you all for helping me waiting for this day by sharing your experiences! I have learn a lot with you!
Long and safe miles for all of us!!
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