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Joined a while ago, but just getting around to saying Hi.

Motorcycle enthusiast living in Portland Oregon.

I put a deposit down on an AT last May or June when I first heard about them. Although I've been riding motorcycles for 33 years, this will be my first new bike.

Will update my sig later, but currently I own:

2 '75 Honda CB400s
'73 Honda CB175
'82 Honda XL500R
3 '86 Honda Reflexes (TLR200)
'87 KDX80
'04 CRF70
'00 Sherco 2.9 (trials)
'04 GasGas EC300

I'm also in the market for a 350 - 500 cc dual sport bike. This will be for single track based dual sport rides and allo me to turn the XL into a super moto.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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