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OTD Price 2017 crf1000l AT Manual
Hi. I am new to this forum. I have read many of the discussions and posts. I find this forum to be quite useful.

Bought a new CRF1000L AT at the motorcycle show in Timonium, Maryland on Feb 11, 2018. The bike is a manual shift and my cost delivered to my house all taxes paid incl dealer prep OTD delivered $12778.82. I did pay cash so that probably helped on the price. Also think one can get a really good deal at the trade shows.

Negotiated Honda parts at dealer cost. Bought only a centerstand as I believe any other aftermarket parts would be cheaper than Honda (dealer cost). Checked internet and the likes of Revzilla and this confirmed my thoughts.

Been a challenge to get some miles in with the snow/wind/cold weather. Last weekend was a lesson in riding in high wind.

Hope this helps.
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