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Hello, my red DCT came in unexpectantly a couple of months early. I was told it would be the end of August or later, but got the call July 1st. Perfect for a holiday weekend of riding.

I was hesitant to go without a clutch, but I'm impressed. In the 3 days I've had it I've done a little of everything on it...trail/dirt riding in G mode abs off traction 1, country asphalt in various sport and manual modes and 2 up with the wife.

Leaving the dealer it was in D and I instantly thought I made a mistake, engine lugged kinda rough and seemed a dog even more than expected with the early up shifts. Keep the in mind I traded a BMW S1000r which was insanely fast, but after trying the different settings and modes I was pleasantly surprised. It's not intended to be a speed demon, but what a fun nice riding bike. Completely stable and planted at 80 mph hi way cruising and balanced in the dirt.

Now time to buy accessories.

The only complaint so far is no tools in the tool box other than the screwdriver and hex wrench. Minor gripe....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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