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Even though street bikes don't need to have a spark arrestor, at least I don't think they do as they are not ORV's, I am hesitant to add a muffler that doesn't come with one. Does this Akrapovic unit have a spark arrestor? I can't think of any ADV bike that comes with one stock although most people claim with the catalytic converter and baffles in most of the 15+ pound stock mufflers, it is pretty much impossible for a piece of carbon to get through. I agree with that but if I were to change the stock muffler and there were ever a fire near where I rode, I'd be blamed for it. But if the bike was stock and did not have a screen, I think I'd be safe.

This test from the USDA website is a bit confusing as it says passenger vehicles don't have to have spark arrestors but ORV's do. They go on to call dual sport bike's ORV's. Well what about that guy on a Goldwing who heads up a a forest service road? His passenger bike won't need a spark arrestor but a dual sport bike would? Now I get that the dual sport bike is much more likely to see real off road but this is enough of a gray area that I would not want to chance it.

Off-highway vehicle (OHV) use continues to be a popular recreational activity. It includes family-oriented trips, recreational trail riding, competitive dirt bike racing, and the use of vehicles to gain access to remote locations. Fires are often caused by recreational activity.

For a vast majority of users, part of the enjoyable experience is being in the outdoors while operating an OHV. Because this activity commonly takes place in areas that are in close proximity to fuel sources, spark arresters are required on OHVs where fire is a threat.

The term “passenger vehicle” can encompass a wide range of motor vehicles. Most State vehicle codes differentiate between vehicles used for transportation and those used for recreation purposes. Dune buggies, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are required to meet spark arrester regulations because they are not considered passenger vehicles.

Spark arrester laws vary from State to State. OHV operators should consult their State’s policy.

The following are some of the most commonly used OHVs that require spark arresters.
ATVs: They are usually less than 54-in wide and weigh less than 650 lb. They have three or more flotation tires, are steered with handlebars, and are operated in a straddled riding position. All ATVs sold in the United States have spark arresters as part of the original factory equipment.

Motocross Bikes: These are designed for closed course competition. Generally, they come equipped with a muffler/silencer, which is not a spark arrester. They do not have a headlight or a taillight. Clues to defining a motocross bike are numbered plates, radiators on later models, two-stroke engines, and travel in the suspension that causes them to sit high.

It should be noted that motocross motorcycles are very popular among competitors and serious trail riders. This is an acceptable bike on many public jurisdictions providing it is equipped with an approved spark arrester and silencer/muffler.

Enduro Motorcycles: These motorcycles come factory equipped with a spark arrester. They are legal for use on public lands and are easier to inspect than motocross motorcycles. Enduro motorcycles are designed for OHV routes, desert riding, trail riding, and general off-road use. Most come equipped with approved spark arresters and small headlights and taillights.

Dual-Purpose Motorcycles: These are designed for on- and off-highway use, but must also meet all requirements for public highways. Headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals are required.

Volkswagen (VW) Dune Buggies: The VWs are required to have a qualified spark arrester for off-highway use. Some dune buggies are street legal, have a license plate, and usually have a muffler. Mufflers are legal for street use, but do not qualify as a spark arrester for off-road use.

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