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Could not stand the OEM Dunlops. My bike is still not back together while waiting on my front forks to come back from Cogent. I bought a set of Pirelli STR Rallys fw weeks back. Friend was over saturday and we decided to tackle the tires while the bike is in pieces. Not an easy task with no front forks on the bike and it supported up front with a Pitbull front stem stand. The bike is on a Handy bike lift so that gives it some stability. Anyway I held the bike and he lifted it up in the rear and I placed a 2x4 under the centerstand in the down position. Removed the wheel chock from the Handy lift temporarily. Then changed the rear tire. Front was already off with no forks in place so a piece of cake there. Re-installed the rear wheel and the bike lift wheel chock and placed bike back on the rear wheel with centerstand up. Now I have new tires and I hope Cogent gets the forks back to me in the next week or so with the Ohlins stuff nicely installed.

I rode on the Rally STRs saturday on my friends Tiger 800XC and I liked the tires on that bike. Anything has to be better than those OEM Dunlops.

The meat!

Sketchy up high.
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