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Been riding since '65, (since 5 yrs old). Raced a YZ80, Hodaka 100, CZ250, RM250, .. and a death machine Maico 501. Switched to Asphalt and raced an interceptor 750 box stock class for years. Raced shifter karts after injuries on bikes. Went back to Desert racing (XR650R), bought a CRF450R and raced Vet class for a few years (still have XR and CRF). Moved from So Cal to Oregon 2 years ago. Not racing Moto anymore, the XR is plated and love it still, but it is not So Cal with easily accessible fireroads, and open deserts close to home. Riding the XR to explore is a buzzy vibrating chore to get where I want to see. Good back of truck camping bike.

I am looking at the 2019 adv sport (NO DCT, too old school). Rode a few , nice bike, freakin heavy. Dropped a 17 and it was work picking it up both times. Tires were not aggressive at all (stock).

I'm ready to pull the trigger, and now I see the 2020 is coming with a bigger engine?? Nothing about cruise or much else. Why the bigger engine, to meet euro emissions my guess.

Anyone know any reason to wait?? I love the silver and black ADV 2019 and told my wife I'd get comfort passenger footpegs and a backrest/trunk for her. I was surprised she said **** yes, I'm the best rider she knows and trusts I wont drop her on the road. (really? lol).

Looking to use it to commute once in a while (42 miles Salem to Wilsonville OR), get some panniers and disburse camp from here to eastern OR, NV, Eastern Sierras, and wherever, and just have a bike that is comfortable enough to cruise with others to the coast, mountains, wherever. And aggressive enough to single track and remote camp with. I have a buddy with a '17 AT that single tracks the bike with all the KTM, XR, WR, etc.. dual sport guys and myself on my XR. He actually throws it around like an MX bike.

Any input is very much appreciated and thanks in advance!
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