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Hi Guys, I live in Hungary and bought a lovely red 2016 AT DCT on Friday. Collected it on Saturday. 7500km from a dealer including heated grips, centre stand SW Motech 3 pieces trax adv and crashbar with spot lights. I rode 200km at the weekend and I must say I love it. Very different from my old bike Ducati Multistrada 1100S. I am still getting accustomed to her. I think the DCT is great. Riding on asphalt is obviously not as lively but the sitting position including the seats are amazing. Feels a bit big but not as big the the 1090 adv though. Everything is very relaxed I hope it won't be boring and will not end up regretting not getting a 1090 KTM. Unfortunately the winter sets in soon so it looks like I am going to have a terribly long 4-5 months.
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