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Hi folks,

Thought I would myself.

Well I did it and bought a brand new black AT at the end of June. Did the gentle run in for 600 miles then off to Europe passing through Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia totaling around 3,500 miles in the last 2 weeks.

Love the bike, a lot lighter than my BMW 1150 GS. Like everybody else hate the narrow footpegs, at 5 ft 10 I get a lot of buffeting around the helmet from the standard screen (standing up helps) and opening the throttle at 3000 revs in 5th or 6th makes the whole bike shake like crazy until 3500 revs are reached (might be a European thing to get through emission tests?).

Nice and light to turn round when getting lost on trails, averaged 57.9 mpg (European gallons, works out at 48.25 mpg American).

Seat pretty comfy right away. Outback Motortek crash bars and sump guard fitted but not tested yet, give it time.
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