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Hello everyone!

I got my AT some four, five weeks ago and have now also signed in for this forum. Some Europeans might already know me, I have been active in some other forums like advrider, horizonsunlimited plus several German speaking forums as nordicbiker.

For some years I have also been operating a homepage about motorcycle travel in Scandinavia, especially Sweden, where I have been living now for over 15 years. In the new edition 2.0 there are also some info pages available in English and content in both languages will grow over the next months, now that the riding season is almost over. So please take a look!

nordicbiker dot se (cheating a bit, just to get this intro out, sorry!)

The AT replaced a KTM1050, which I really liked, but didn't work so well on unpaved roads. For when the going gets tough I also have a heavily modified and upgraded CCM 450GP Adventure in the garage.

My riding includes both shorter (weekend) trips into the Swedish woods, preferably with tent and sleeping bag, that's what I mostly use the CCM for. However I am also doing longer trips at least once a year, like the Baltic States this year in May and Norway in summer.

So let's talk about the new AT, I do already have some thoughts about luggage I want to share...

Greetings from Stockholm / Sweden
Kai-Uwe / nordicbiker


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