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In the states, the AT is not supposed to be in the dealers until June. If I buy it would be the 6 speed legacy tranny. I would definitely keep the KLR. I think the KLR would be better for Mexico, Central America, and South America. If for no other reason than it is a lot less conspicuous and doesn't have the big bling factor that might contribute to being a target for theft. The AT will be a WOW moto and be right up there with the R1200GS and mega KTM machines. The KLR runs on any old gasoline, slightly better gas mileage, and better at running slow with local traffic. With 94 HP in the AT, I might have to retrain my right hand. It will be hard to ride that bike slow. Will the AT be able to successfully survive on low octane gas? If it has a knock sensor that will send the signal to the ECU to retard timing then it might do okay in the places where only low grade fuel is available.
For the States, Canada, and Alaska the AT will be King. :grin2:
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