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Picked up a leftover 2016 Silver Manual from the dealer in May 2017 for a bargain and so far I'm loving it. Just hit 600 miles, new Mitas E07 are going on with the first service and oil change.

Shout out to all of you in the community who have shared knowledge, photos, reviews, and youtube videos. All of this info was incredibly helpful during the buying process and I hope to pay it forward.

I've already taken it on a few back-woods trails and nearly found the limits of the stock tires. Added a Batzen screen bracket (thanks Wolfgang!) and have a few more upgrades planned. I can't wait for the new tires and I think I've settled on the AltRider crash bars. Still need to find pannier racks and bags but I'm taking my time and enjoying the process.

Here she is after the Batzen install and during the first trail ride:


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