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OEM Crash Bar Set (Engine & Body) Compatibility

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Hi guys,

just a quick question as I could not find the answer with a simple forum search:

are the OEM crash bars for the AT >2020 compatible with the ATAS ES DCT 2021? And also do they come with 2 separate installation kits (one for the body, the other one for the engine)?

Found some decent used ones at a good price and I am not sure if there is going to be a compatibility issue.

I am talking about the whole set: the body protection and the engine guards - both kits are OEM

Thanks in advance!
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The lower bars seem to have the same part number between models but the upper bars have different part numbers for AT and ATAS.
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Because the bulkier tank on the ES requires different crashbar geometry I guess…?
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Thank you! Its clear then. Upper ones not comaptible.
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