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long story short to answer to the question "What did you do to your africa twin Today" answer is I droped it today after 300 miles of riding in southrn california on PCH and ulholland drive and Angele Crest. sucha stufid speed complete stoped, on side stand ,while stoped on dirt whant to come off the bike , fell on me, a little scrathes to the fairing blue and white and red stickers on front fairing , briken righjt side knukle ghard and 2-3 blemish or nik on the alternator cover,not deep , but looks like scrathes.
Painfull as it looked like brand new , my 2017 tree color RED-BLUE-White DCT, and more painful as I bought complete protection such as engine guard and light bar,radiator guard , front light coverd, and bark busters , but i was going to instal them today.
I can fix the chip and niks of fairing stickers Plastic is not damaged at all:smile2: by just placing similar color tape if i found them ,amages are like sevral no more than half an inch on the red and blue stickers, any help to identify clor code of those stickers greatly appreciated , if i not able to them on web as a set i will order local vinyl wrap place just to cut for me like a 5 inches of each and will use them as cover to the damaged sticker, but probably they need color code of that, then I will completely oder protection film for complete cover.and place the engine guard and light bar.
I also need to do some thing for ALternator Cover, (WHAT WOULD BE YOUR SUGGESTION PLEASE?):smile2:
for fairing and tank and other area protction I have seen 3 D DEcal stickers mostly on EBAY from Europe , which I probably order complete set since I saw one on a local bike and realy looked cool, but could not find the complete set for my color bike, if you candirect me to the link I apptrecaite ,
The alternator cover is sold on honda dealershop web site for under $ 150 if I need to replace it , but I have no idea how much work is involvedin changing that,
Please share with me what your thaughts are to fix these cosmetic issues ona brna dnew lookin good 2017 Africa Twin DCT tricolor red/bue/white ?
Thank you
Ride Safe/Ride Long:smile2:
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