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Pacific NW ralley

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Let's get a PNW Ralley going!
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Great idea. I'd love to come down there and go for a ride again post-COVID.
Don't let the stupid Covid stop you!
Closed border will. Haha.
I used to come down to the PNW for VFR meets great road riding. I’m curious to try some off-road stuff. Alvord desert was on my list while I was down there but it was raining.
I thought the border opened again. ?
I live about 20 miles south in Skagit county you make it down this way we'll show ya some cool places.
No. Not yet. Only essential travel still. When the pandemic started I was supposed to ride the Idaho BDR. Maybe I could tie the two together. Got wait for a border opening though.
A U.S./Canada "border opening" should make a blip on headline news when it happens.
I'd ride down for it. Prior to covid I did most of my short haul adventure touring in Washington/Oregon/Idaho/Nevada.

There is news today/yesterday about a phased reopening starting soon. Fully vaccinated travelers will have a shortened quarantine period following entry to Canada, possibly just as long as a negative test takes to come back.
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Anyone interested in a PNW ralley?
Anyone interested in a PNW ralley?
Yes, VERY interested in a PNW rally.
Anyone interested in a PNW ralley?
I'm interested in a PNW rally. Is there a place on this website for regional discussions?
There's the new BDR information that was just released for Oregon. Might be fun to do parts of that with a group of riders.
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