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Hi All. Just Joined.
I HAD a AT . loved the bike and it was superb off road for a big Trailey but it was corroding faster than I could get to the nearest dealer. I bought it with 500 miles on it and I noticed that the spokes were getting tarnished. it actually got so bad and pitted that i took it straight back where the dealer said this is very common now and Honda cannot cope with the warranty claims.
Also the head-stock bearing had rusted and was failing and other little brackets here and there were corroding .
i decided to sell it back to the dealer as the bike was going to look a mess in a few years.
The Heated Grips are £300 too much as are tepid in temperature and are of a physically weak design.. i will get another one but i may wait for the Mark 2 to come out if anyone knows when that Might be?
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