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power loss and idle problem: dive into valves?

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I’ve got a 2016 AT DCT. Approaching 16k miles, and the bike started to idle less steadily. Used to sit right at 1200 and purr, now it drops to 1000 rpm and then back up over and over. Also feels like a loss of power. Every now and then, I start it and it dies a few seconds later. It has died at stoplight upon acceleration a few times as well. I ran some fuel system cleaner through it, but no change yet. I’m considering checking valve lash. I’ve seen most say valves rarely go out of tolerance so soon. Am I crazy for thinking that could be it? I’d hate to go to all the trouble of valves and not fix it, especially if it could be something simpler. Any advice appreciated.
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I checked the air filters, pretty clean. Will be switching out air filters anyway and changing oil next weekend.
Well, sounds like maybe dirty injectors, but who knows. Checking the valves can't hurt, but I would guess a low probability of being the root cause.

Air filters could be kind of nasty, depending on where you ride and who you ride behind.

I had my 2021 apart for other reasons, at 7,500 miles and was surprised at how dirty the filters were. Changed them out for good measure while I was in there.
Guess nothing and prove the fault, there’s no one magic fix you’ll have to work your way through the various and many prime suspects which would most likely be fuel or spark related. You can't get better than proper old school diagnosis, time to get down and dirty and check the fuel and ignition systems paying particular attention to: an inlet air leak; idle air control valve; manifold absolute pressure sensor; fuel injectors, clogged air filter and then some.
Drain the air box tubes, particularly the left side tube closest to the battery or "toolbox" area?
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