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I'd been thinking about running power to my hard luggage on previous bikes but never got around to it.

I like to leave my iPad and iPhone in the protected case where it's not going to have bangs or get wet.

So I've put on both my GIVI and KAPPA cases a Tecmate Optimate O-20 bulkhead Weatherproof SAE socket, front panel mount.

I drilled a 1/16" pilot hole and used a stepped 7/8" drill bit to put the hole through the case. A bit of wiggling to round out the hole to a full 1" snug fit.

Put the fitting together and tighten it up and now I have a weatherproof outlet that runs right into my bags. I'll put the wiring, a standard SAE plug like a trickle charger cord, to my Eastern Beaver PC8 under the seat on a switched circuit and my electronics will charge while I ride. Very slick! Found them on Amazon for $20 CDN.


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