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It can turn itself off under a few conditions.

It happened to me last week on a gravel road, apparently because the road was bumpy, the ABS (front and rear) shutoff and I found myself with a front tire skidding towards a ditch. The ABS light was flashing on the dash, which means it was disabled.

I called Honda, they said take it to a dealer and this is what they said:

DTC: 4-1
Function Failure: Front wheel lock • Riding condition
Symptom/Fail-safe Function: • Stops ABS operation

So, as I thought, my front wheel did lock up going into the turn which caused me to slide off the road. The dealer said it appears the entire (front/rear) ABS will shut off under certain conditions, one of those being if you're riding on a gravel road and the front wheel locks up. Seems a bit nonsensical, but there it is.

Apparently, the entire ABS can auto-disable in certain non pavement situations. Something to be aware of.
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