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Q on DCT Manual mode upon engine start

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Quick question, guys, for you with a DCT transmission (mine on delivery in few days!! :) )

If you set your DCT transmission in Manual mode and turn off the engine, will is stay in Manual mode when you re-start it? Is Manual mode transmission preserved across engine on-off power cycles?

Thank you!
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No, it will start in neutral. You must press the D button, then select manual.
If you turn the engine off when it's in gear (manual or any automatic mode), then it won't start until it has put itself in neutral next time you switch the bike on. This is worth knowing, because if your battery runs down, it may not have the power to put itself in neutral.
Once it has itself in neutral, it always defaults to D-mode on startup.
(at least that's the way the DCT on the NC bikes is programmed - I guess there is probably some hidden key combination that can change the default start-up mode, but none has come to light on the NC forums.
However, it does remember which Sport mode you are in when the ignition is switched off and reverts to that setting (S1, S2 or S3) when you next start the engine. But the default is always back to D on startup.
Thanks guys. That's fine I am sure. Manual is just a button press away.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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