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Copied from another forum, as I kept updating there during my 4 day ride.

I just started my 4 day trip. It's kind of a quick trip to get it out of my system now that I have a DCT AT.

Dresden, Stuttgart, Porsche Museum, Mercedes Museum, Heidelberg, couple of laps of the Nürburgring and back to Dresden. It'll be around 1800km+ total.

So day one, took off from Dresden at 1:30pm, target was to towards Stuttgart and see where I end up before I got tired and settle in for the night.
Anyways, said good byes to my wife and boy and off I went. I have never done a long trip like this alone, so I was a little apprehensive, specially on a new bike which I have only ridden for 1200km.

I have to say, the AT is one impressive thing. I have never been more comfortable on a bike I think. For the first 2.5 hours, I was just a passenger. The bike was excellent on the autobahn. The DCT is a wonderful thing for this kind of touring. Click and I'm down a gear to pass, and it shifts up when I've overtaken. It's almost like it knew I'm done over taking.

First fuel stop, which was rather disappointing as I only managed to get around 300km to empty, but I was going at 130-170kmh. (AT speedo is VERY optimistic, always about 10kmh more than my Zumo).
But at that speed, it only took me about 2 hours to do 250km. Which is waaaaay better than another Ive owned. And the plus side is that I wasn't tired, and I only had another 300km to go until I reached Stuttgart.
So I decided to banged on and got on the bike and ride towards Stuttgart before it got dark.
And to my surprise, the entire trip today of 550km from home to hotel only took me about 5 hours with stop. And again, I wasn't exhausting when I arrived. I'm well pleased on the comfort front apart from MAYBE cruise control would have been nice.
Day one - done. All in all, AT with DCT was a wise choice for me, as I knew I wanted to take the bike on these kind of tours.

More to come (if you can be bothered following my rambling on ).

Day 2:

Quick update while waiting for my meal at the Porsche museum.
Be very careful driving in Stuttgart, people here has no time for tourists.

Again, glade i got a DCT, mainly this time it's because of the horrible traffic in Stuttgart. No clutch have does wonders for stress relief IMO.
Mercedes Museum is wonderful, basically every single nice Merc you want to see is there. Tho staff friendliness gets a 1 out of 5 rating.
Porsche is already a 5/5 for the friendliness and good looking staff haha

I'll try to keep this AT and motorbike focused, but it's a slow day of riding in the city... Like 30mins to get anywhere slow.

Day 3/4

Bucket list almost checked.

Another day another dollar.
Spent the morning rising from Stuttgart towards Nürburgring.
Decided to take the back roads as I had the day to do 300km.
Sunny day out, so why not. Started off very well, with light/medium traffic as I left at 8am and it was work hours. But the bike performed wonderfully, cutting in and out of traffic, effortless over taking etc. Had it on S2 today, and I'm really liking it on the faster runs. It stays in gear longer and giving it more revs to over take.
Then about 90km out, it started raining... The bike is good in the dry, but I have to say, it's tricky in the wet.
As I avoided autobahn, I had to cut through a few villages and towns, and that was not fun in the rain with silly drivers and weird roundabouts. The TC came in a few times, and I tamed it by going back to S1. But after 20km, I decided it was probably going to be better on the autobahn, as there are less traffic and roads are mostly better than village roads.
So hopped on the autobahn for the last 70 odd km. And as I predicted, traffic and roads were much better. And the bike just felt right on open roads.
Thankfully, rain lessened and was only drizzle going into Nürburg.

Getting into Nürburgring was awesome, as this has always been a place where I wanted to visit.
Moving onto the lap, I'll skip the middle bits where I checked it to hotel blah blah...

The Ring opens at 5:30-7:30pm. Some times all day on the weekends.
I got there well early to check what's going on etc. but nothing. Just around 10 cars waiting to get on the lap. From Renault to Toyota GT86 to Lambos.
I was the fifth one out and I must say, it was exciting and scary, as by then, the rain started really dumping down.
The AT at the Ring is somewhere intimidating for me. I must admit that I didn't got full bore and I would be stupid if I did in the wet. The TV came on more than a few times when I was going uphill through the curves. A few scary small slides, but the TC help me recover quickly without too much drama. There were a few times where I can feel the rear sliding side ways, but the TC didn't cut in. Which was odd, but i guess it's not how TC works. I felt it was sliding from oil or some thing, or that it maybe the surface had too much rain.

Anyways, made it back in one piece thanks to the TC I think, and the funny thing was, I was the ONLY bike there, and the workers there were very surprised to see me ride off, but very pleased to see me come back in one piece.

All in all. A good day for me.

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Thanks guys.

Here is the second part of the ride. Forgot to update on here until now... Oops.
I've since done a Enduro day with the AT, and it's brilliant on road as it is off road!

Copied from another forum.

Finally back to Dresden. From Nürburg to Dresden is about 580km direct on the autobahn.
I decided to take the autobahn all the way home as I was trying to beat the rain clouds which were following me from behind as well as rain near home.
After the 3 day long trip sightseeing and riding, I had all the confidence in the AT. And again, proves me right. I did the first leg of 290km in one hit. The sun was shining, roads were nice, and music was in in my helmet. With the new addition of an Air Hawk 2, the first leg was an absolute delight. Worry free autobahn ride with a couple of drivers giving me the thumbs up when they passed my bike.
Again, S2 mode was used and on the autobahn, I think this will be my mode off choice from now on.
Fueling wise, the first leg I was doing average 115kmh on the trip comp, and managed the 290km with the fuel light on and another 40km spare until empty. So around 330km per tank.

On the second leg, I had 290km left, and weather closing in, I really went for it for the first 150km. Going a steady 160km all the way, until I realized how bad the fuel consumption was, I had only 2 dials left on the fuel after 150km. As I didn't want to stop again, I slowed down to 120km until home. It was tricky playing this fuel consumption game, as I had only barely enough to get home, in fact, the fuel gauge had turned it self off because I was so low on fuel. Luckily, I was only 2 km from home and knew where the servo was. And when I fueled up, I had only 0.7l left. Which was plenty to get home I'm sure.

That ends my 1800km 4 days tour. The AT performed beautifully, no off road rides, just touring, but I gotta say I would not have wanted to do it on my 2014 Triumph Bonneville that's for sure.

More riding to be done. Next stop, off road day with the local TT guys and learn how to do things properly.

Safe riding everyone.
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