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Let me start out by saying that I am not a fan of having GPS mounted above the speedo nor having a u-bolt wrapped around my handlebars marring the gold finish on my ATAS. Looking through RAM's website every combination of mounts, arms etc. I could come up with would make my Zumo 396 look like a tumor on my AT... With some OCD & common parts found at most hardware stores I came up with a soulution that makes the zumo sit perfectly where I wanted it without any permanent modifications to the bike.

-Shopping list...
- Stainless 1,1/8" x 1/4" x 3,1/2" U-bolt
- 4 Stainless 1/4" Acorn nuts
- 2 Stainless 1/4" x 1,1/4" socket cap screws
- 1' of 1/4"id x 3/8"od vinyl tubing
- 1' of 3/8"id x 9/16"od vinyl tubing
- 1' of 1" x 1,1/4" vinyl tubing
- Ram part# RAM-B-309-7U
- Ram part# RAP-B-200-12U

I warmed up the vinyl tubing & slid the 1/4" tubing over the u-bolt then slid the 3/8" over that... This was not easy, it took a lot of pulling & some soapy water the get the 3/8 to slide over the 1/4". I cut the tubing pieces after I got them on & left them a little long so the ram mount compresses the ends of the tubing a little bit hoping to keep the ends sealed so dirt & water won't get inside & start to mold...
Cut about an inch off the 1" tubing & cut it in half down the length of the tubing. I put this between the ram mount & the bar riser to keep the ram mount from marring the finish on the bar riser
I used the standard nuts that came with the u-bolt to mock up where I wanted to leave the mount before removing it and shortening the u-bolt to use the acorn nuts... There's about 1" to 1,1/2" of vertical adjustability on my ATAS bar risers. Not possible with typical mounting options.
Because the ball from the Ram mount is horizontal in this application you cant use a normal ram arm as any ram arm will only allow adjustment on a single plane. Thus neccesetates the use of the swivel arm
the big wing nuts on the ram arm make access to the key a bit wonky and are also a great big "steal me!" sign to opportunistic theives. I removed the bolts on the ram arm & replaced them with stainless cap screws with acorn nuts. the nuts & screw heads barely protrude from the ram arm. Yes it can still be stolen... however any thief with a thumb could steal it with a big wing nut... this way only a thief with a 7/32" allen key handy could have a chance... I like these odds.
I anticipate the vinyl tubing will compress some over time & will keep a 7/16" wrench handy to check it from time to time. The mount is solid though... no movement or sliding what so ever.
Because of 1" to 1,1/2" vertical adjustability of the mount and the
natural adjustability of the ram arm I could have my GPS at the same angle as the speedo & have the top of the GPS right at the bottom of the speedo
I thought of getting a length of 3/4" square aluminum bar drilling & tapping holes every inch or so to mount multiple ram balls & using this bar riser method to mount the bar between both bar risers... this would eliminate the need for the swivel ram arm & have multiple mounting locations for the price of one.


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That's actually pretty slick, man. Necessity is the mother of invention. Nice work.

Thanks for sharing all the details.

I think I'll end up with my GPS on one side and my phone mount on the other, with the center clear; but like you, I'll probably stay away from mounting up high on the windshield bracket.


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