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I did try a search but it came back with an error.
I just fitted a Rapidbike Evo to my 2018 Africa twin adventure sports.
The instructions are a little vague but you can get better colour pictures from Rugged Roads in the U. K.
The instructions suggest removing the fairings then the seat and tank. I did this and it took a bit of time but nothing too complicated.
The connections were straight forward and fitted perfectly. The hardest job for me the last job on the list fitting the control box under the rear seat.
The box itself was easy but getting the cables to it was tricky without dismantling the rear of the bike to pass the cable under the frame rail.
I did miss the connection for the fuel gauge when reassembling the bike that showed an error of a flashing fuel gauge.
On rectify this I found I could have removed the tank without removing the fairings or my Heed crash bars.
The results of the Rapidbike are very positive.
Smoother running, better pickup and a stronger mid range. All good things in my book.
I fitted the unit to improve the fuel ratio before fitting a cat free exhaust system. The guys fitting system say they can now create a custom map for my bike using Rapidbike software then reinstate the autotune of the Evo module.
So it sounds Like I may have a decent set up when its all sorted.
I will have to let you know how that goes when its done.
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