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Remus Headers and Outback Motortek Compatibility

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I did a test fit of the Remus Header pipes and found that there is a clearance problem with the Outback Motortek 1st production batch center mount piece. I have tried every angle and this is the best that I was able to come up with (see attached). Needless to say that this will not work. I believe that there is a different version of the centerpiece that may be able to help but I do not know at this time. I have emailed Outback Motortek we'll see if we can make this work.


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Keep us posted. I have the newer Outback Motortek setup and I'm also eyeing the Remus system.

If the tube of the centerpiece wasn't interfering with the header (first picture), would the bracket that bolts to the center section of the frame clear the header (third picture)?

Yes Steve, it's either that centerpiece tube you are talking about or the header pipe can be tweaked to clear.

Not blaming REMUS nor Outback Motortek since they both do what they are supposed to which is fit the AT. I'm in the automotive industry and I know that out of house integration issues like this happen. My suggestion to them is to try harder to make their parts so that they are compatible with each other.

At this point it looks like I'll probably have to get rid of the headers and at least I can help warn other people about this. That being said I have to be honest, I'm not having a great time boys.

$550 for new headers shipped to US lower 48
Here's more info including a dyno chart
I have the new style crash bars. Do you want me to take any measurements for you or try to make a drawing?

I have the new style crash bars. Do you want me to take any measurements for you or try to make a drawing?

Appreciate that. I think this is best solved with the parts in hand. Road Trip excuse?... haha
haha, nice thinking!
Let us know if you hear back from Outback and get everything working together.
Hopeful for a good outcome!
Both companies won't be able to help at this time. Understandably, it's impossible to design for compatibility of every third party part out there. In my opinion these are popular choices for customers and it's unfortunate that they don't work with each other.

Three options for customers right now. Don't get this combo. Mod the centerpiece. Bend the pipes but the second you do one bend nothing seems to fit and this is my last choice.

Does anyone know which headers fit the Outback Motortek crash bars? Lorry mentioned he believed Termignoni does. Has anyone mixed and matched collectors and silencers?
Could you use the stock headers and slip the exhaust onto the stock mid-pipe?

I don't blame you for not feeling good about your whole experience. I'd be real upset that they aren't compatible.

Almost every aftermarket parts I've purchased in the past are compatible with others. Sucks they won't do anything about it to help. Would think it would draw in more customers if they did.

I'm definitely staying away from both.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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