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Re-doing video. Will post with update.


Hey guys, trying to get some more vids up.

Just did a review of my Touratech Zega Mundo Panniers and thought I'd share it here; gives a decent closeup view of the panniers and rack setup.

Here's the link:

(I was muddleheaded when I was doing the vid and ended up putting the boxes on the wrong side! I just left it though because it sort of looks nice with the 31L on the camera side and I hope to get another 31L box and go with two 31s instead of the wider 38 on one side--for an overall even narrower setup for shorter trips, etc.).

I'm still a bit of a novice with this stuff and ramble way too much. But I hope to do some riding videos real soon too; something a bit more exciting.

Thanks for watching!


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