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Went to check it out this morning. Its a prairie, mild marsh type riding area. The main trails are graveled pathways shared with ATVs. Its funny, the pictures show a smooth easy gravel path, its NOT. You can't see it well but the trails are mostly mini-whoops the whole way. Very roller coaster and suspension soaking. Bottomed out my skid plate many times.
The trails are very twisty and turny; with all the small whoop and sharp turns, 10-20mph stuff.
Tip- pack your stuff tight because things will go flying and smashing round in your bags the whole time.
One special section has several deep sand areas; guess I felt like punishing myself cause I completed it but can't say it was fun, more of a frt end washout struggle. There are a couple purpose made water/mud sections; did not feel the need to do those that's for sure.
The nicest parts are the motorcycle only single track trails but they can be hairy in spots because of the single deep tires groove most of the way; skidding the front tire on the edges of the groove made for many tense and out of control moments.
Good fun but one can easily see and ride everything in an hours time.

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