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As I put on new Hand Guards I decided that I wanted to get a little more height to the handlebars as well. I'm a tall feller and when standing the stock handlebar height was not cutting it. I looked at Flexx Bars and really like the idea of those, but still would need risers as well. I decided on the Rox Anti-Vibration Risers as a bit cheaper way to go and maybe get some benefit as well for the old man hands and body joints. Plus, I really like the position adjustbability factor.

Well I've only done some street miles and parking lot maneuvers so far. I already know that standing is going to be SO MUCH better. I was able to adjust right into a sweet spot for my body and positioning I have when standing and sitting. Plus, I can tell a bit of difference on a couple of streets where there seemed to be a little less jolt at the hands. I look forward to testing on some washboarded fireroads where I'm hoping they'll make it a bit more tolerable.

I will say that the stock cables "JUST" were long enough and probably the limiting factor to position adjustment. I could see where some handlebar positions are just not going to happen. Overall though these are a great product and I'm very tickled to the purchase.


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