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S/H AT, First service, new wheels and Gloop

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Just back from having my first service at Two Wheels in Edinburgh. There is a very low milage s/h red manual available and, I think, a new one .. if anyone is having problems finding one.

First service completed and everything is good. I bought the bike s/h with 250 miles on the clock and was very surprised to find new wheels were to be fitted as the original owner had put in a warranty claim. Clearly I am happy but, to be honest, I had not really noticed any corrosion that bothered me. Bought some ACF50 and will apply on principal!

Have also put gloop in the tubes. Ridden 25 miles home and no balance issues at all. Have used the stuff before and never had an issue then either. (I am a wee bit paranoid about blow outs having been quite badly hurt about 35 years ago after a 5" nail in the rear tyre sent me into a motorway barrier!).
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Glad to hear about your SHAT first service :-D
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Hadn't noticed that! Will proof read in future ....
Who the **** buys a brand new bike and only puts 250miles on it?
Who the **** buys a brand new bike and only puts 250miles on it?
Someone who probably has more money than you but maybe not as much sense:grin2:
Could be someone who had an unexpected financial event - redundancy, pregnancy, etc. - or an unexpected health issue.

There was also a guy on this forum in the early days of UK deliveries who decided it wasn't for him once he'd had it a few weeks - test rides don't always tell you everything I guess.
I bought mine with 490 miles on it, the original owner decided it was too high for him.

Apparently he PX'd it for a Gold Wing instead...!!!!!!!
Plenty of second hand bikes at the dealers here in Germany with little to no mileage as they are usually ex demos or shown room bikes which needs to be purchased and registered by the dealer.

I picked up a second hand Bonneville few years ago for 1000eu off the retail, and mode was current and not from previous years. because it was a showroom bike with just under 50km on it with the dealer being the first owner and used it for 1 test ride. They simply needed to move stock for whatever reason.
Those are probably the press bikes from the test rides and promotion rides there will be quite a few around
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