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I like yourself was looking at all of these choices and what decided was protection and how they attach. After hrs of studying and compromises I chose Touratech, they are heavy made and mounting was fantastic. The main upper bar that circles the fairing, the Honda version calls this a light bar. Yeah that is about what it is, if you crash the bar bends into your fairing. The Touratech upper uses a center mount that connect to the Frame and to you Fairing stay. This added support for the upper bars made my decision. The cost where close and I wanted something to protect the bike.

Take a look, order and if you don't like them, simply return them... that easy. I can't say enough about Touratech as a company. One of the few left in this world that understands customer service, besides their products speak for themselves.

If you look at this bike, mine is identical to it. I should get advertisement money from Touratech, but I am very happy.


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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