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I've spent a LOT of time this year scouting and finding dirt roads in Nor-Cal. They are finally all starting to link together.

On this ride I started in the Sacramento Valley and picked up my Friend in Auburn on his BMW GS1200. It was our first adventure together and he is 14 years into his fight with Parkinson's so I didn't know what to expect.

Day one was a GREAT day. We found some good dirt between Auburn and Nevada City and then almost all dirt from Nevada City to Truckee. We skipped my dirt route from Truckee to Reno for times sake. We had a great night in Reno and the tables were good to me. :)

After wiping the frost off our bikes in the morning we choose to ride the freeway back to Reno where we parted ways. I took a dirt route from Donner pass to Meadow Vista then back home. There was some snow on the trails but all in all it was wonderful. I flopped around trying to move a tree in the middle and almost went down on some oil or diesel fuel on the road near the end of the long video.

These videos are waaayyy too long but I'll cut them down next time.

Each day was right around 200 miles.
I was super happy to have my Scotts Stabilizer in the rocky sections and the taller bar position since i was standing most of both days.
I hope everyone else is getting some good seat time before winter sets in too deep.

Here are the two days worth of videos. I'll cut them up more next time. This was my first time videoing a ride.

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Very nice. Thank you for sharing your experience and your videos. I took a similar ride with another AT rider (who I met on this forum) on September fist of this year. In case you forgot, it was hella hot that day, so there was no wiping of the frost! I'd love to chat more with you about Nor-Cal off roads, or take a ride sometime!
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