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Anyone who engages in a monetary transaction with another member of this forum does so at their own risk. For your own protection, it is best to deal only with those members who have established a good reputation, or someone who was recommended by other forum members whom you trust.

Caution should be exercised in any transaction, particularly with new(er) members, especially with low post counts. Do your diligence on members. Especially the only posts they have made to the community are classified listings.

If individuals are posting messages to a thread or sending you unsolicited messages advising "They have a friend," when it is not their thread/listing, take that as a Red Flag and contact the Forum Staff Members via the Report Post function.

Sellers should provide accurate and pertinent information on their item(s) for sale. This minimizes misunderstandings and false expectations. Item descriptions should include at a minimum:

  • Item brand and model
  • Part number (if available)
  • Your Location and where you are willing to ship (remember the site is International)
  • Condition of item/bike (New/Used, Good, Fair, Poor)
  • Quantity
  • Asking Price
  • Any defects or issues the buyer should be aware of (Scratches, Dents, Blemishes, Cracks, etc.)
  • Pictures are strongly recommended. The buyer will almost always ask for them anyway.
  • Buyer and Seller should agree on all transaction and shipping details before any money is exchanged.
  • Item(s) should be insured for their approximate value.
  • If available, the seller should provide the buyer with tracking information
  • If contact with the seller is lost, the buyer should file a dispute with Paypal, after 3 unsuccessful timely contact attempts. – This does not mean 3 attempts within an hour/day
  • Any questionable or suspicious threads or posts should be reported immediately using the "Report Post" button.
  • If the contact info varies greatly from the member you are dealing with, that should raise a Red Flag. (i.e. Member Jerry5, email = howardchris739 at gmail dot com, PayPal = [email protected] .
These are true peer-to-peer transfers that are best suited for personal friends/family members that you have established relationships. Buyers - The Africa Twin Forum is not an intermediary in any transaction. Due to the nature of these services, you do not have a recourse if the seller walks away with your money.
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