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Santa's Got Gifts!

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Santa's Got Gifts! (AT Shipping!!)

Hahahaaa found over on the Wilddog

original (i think)

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Guess France received the first shipment of Africa Twins. Now we wait to see who's next!
yea didn't @erey say he was picking his up this week?
yes. Friday. We are waiting some accessories from Honda.
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yes. Friday. We are waiting some accessories from Honda.
excellent! How many at your store?
2. Mine and a white.

I received mine today finaly. Nice bike.

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What kind of contact key they use on the AT
2. Mine and a white.

I received mine today finaly. Nice bike.

how about a ride report eh ;)
Great erey,

Give us your feedback and pics. You probably have in your country snow and low temps by now...

BTW, did you got that honda offer of the RNS tripmaster?
If yes where and how your dealer installed it? pics are welcome :)

Lots of luck and good moments with your new ride

My Best,
Yes RNS tripmaster is part of the deal for the pre-order one. Installation in January. Don't know yet where. Frist priority is the GPS. Then the tripmaster. On the left?

No snow yet in Switzerland ;-) between 5 to 12 C degres.

I have a first report (50 kms yesterday night) but in french ;-)

Les premiers tours de roue se sont fait dans la nuit et une température de 5 à 7 degrés. Les routes sont glissantes et les pneus sont neufs. Donc pas de bêtises.

Je me suis permis de prendre quelques chemins. Je me croyais sur ma ancienne 690. Même avec un peu de boue, elle ne bouge pas. Très rassurante. C'est le genre de moto que l'on prend pour faire un petit tour et sur laquelle on finit par une grosse balade.

Un vrai trail. Bien que bien protégé sur la route, on sent tout de suite que c'est la piste qui lui plait le plus.

Pas de soucis avec le poids, bon rayon de braquage, moteur plein, bon châssis, bons amortisseurs, un rail dans les chemins. Un bon produit qui va plaire à ceux qui veulent aller plus dans l'off-road.

Les plus

+ le moteur: plein à tous les régimes. A voir avec plus de kms
+ le châssis: précis, rigoureux
+ l'équilibre de la machine
+ la tenue dans les chemins
+ la largeur contenue. On se croirait sur mon ancienne 690
+ les amortisseurs de qualité.
+ service à 12'000 kms
+ la roue de 21" à l'avant
+ boîte à vitesse sans problème et sans klong
+ les freins puissants et qui se font oublier
+ tableau de bord complet et lisible - testé la nuit seulement
+ la relative rareté de la machine sur les routes
+ le prix par rapport à la concurrence
+ le bruit de l'échappement et du moteur
+ phares à LED qui éclairent bien - testé le nuit dans une forêt
+ phare jour à LED d'origine
+ clignotants LED d'origine et allumés à l'avant
+ chaîne - facile à réparer en cas de problème et changement de la couronne possible
+ support GPS d'origine
+ protection radiateurs d'origine
+ sabot moteur métallique d'origine
+ belle gueule à mon gout
+ pas imposante

Les moins

- hauteur de la bulle
- témoin lumineux des poignées chauffantes la nuit
- position de la commande des clignotants
- le prix des accessoires Honda
- la partie basse du tableau de bord est cachée par les
- entretien de la chaîne (bien que ce n'est pas souvent)

Google translation

The first laps were made in the night and a temperature of 5 to 7 degrees. The roads are slippery and the tires are new. So no nonsense.

I allowed myself to take a few trails. I thought on my old 690. Even with a little mud, she does not move. Very reassuring. This is the kind of bike that is taken for a ride, on which we end up a big ride.

A real trail. Although well-protected on the road, you feel immediately that this is the path that pleases him most.

No problem with weight, good turning radius, full engine, good chassis, good shock absorbers, a rail on the roads. A good product that will please those who want to go in the off-road.

The good

+ Motor: full at all speeds. To see after more kms
+ Frame: precise, rigorous
+ Balance of the machine
+ good in trails
+ The width contained. It's like on my old 690
+ Quality suspensions.
+ 12,000 kms service
+ 21 of the wheel "in the front
+ Gearbox smoothly and without klong
+ The powerful brakes, which are forgotten
+ Complete and legible instrument panel - tested only at night
+ The relative rarity of the machine on roads
+ The price compared to competition
+ The exhaust and engien noise
+ LED headlights that illuminate well - tested the night in a forest
+ Day lighthouse in original LED
+ Original and lit LED indicators on the front
+ Chain - easy to repair in case of problems and possible change of crown
+ Original GPS support
+ Protection original radiators
+ Original metal engine guard
+ Pretty face for my taste
+ Not imposing

Not so good

- Height of the windscreen
- Light heated grips during the night
- Position of the control of the signals
- The price of Honda Accessories
- The lower part of the dashboard is hidden by the cables
- Maintenance of the chain (although it is not often)
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Nice, but wrong color and transmission... :laugh:

Question about those heated grips; how wide is the control button and does it affect your thumb reach to the other buttons in left grip?
Hey erey,

Congrats on your new bike.

If that's the manual transmission, how is the clutch ? ...heavy or light ?

Thanks. Manual transmission - clutch is like butter. You forget it. No klong.
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Congratulations, the pictures are very good. I ordered one of the same color

Tell me, the handlebar height is suitable for a standing position?
Very nice photo's erey, great scenery. Looks cold!

Glad to see you enjoying your new Africa Twin.
Really nice pictures. More, more, more!
Congratulations, the pictures are very good. I ordered one of the same color

Tell me, the handlebar height is suitable for a standing position?
Yes. I added a Rox 2" extension and it's fine. Even with the standard handlebar it's not so bad. Higher than GS for example.
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looks well! how did you find the tires and windscreen?
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