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satnav mount

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Hi Bikers ,

is there a satnav mount on the market to install my tomtom rider on
the top litlle bar behind the screen of the AT ?:wink2:
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Touratech make mounts for a variety of navigators, including some TomTom models. Their solution for mounting above the instruments is a bar of their own, which has a diameter of 12mm. You then buy a navigator specific mount. It may fit onto the existing bar if the diameter is the same.
If and when I finally get round to buying this bike I would probably wait and see what the options are once I can get a feel of where I want to put things. There must also be a RAM mount somewhere that I could use.
I went with above the instruments because the 12V socket is conveniently just below so, by putting it there, the wires won't move around or, worse still, potentially interfere with steering. When the whole lot is set up, I'll post some pictures.
1 - 2 of 78 Posts
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