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satnav mount

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Hi Bikers ,

is there a satnav mount on the market to install my tomtom rider on
the top litlle bar behind the screen of the AT ?:wink2:
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New on this forum, finding my way and came accross this topic. Just ordered my AT one week ago together with a brand new type GPS mount.

BikePenR is a manufacturer and supplier of mounting brackets for GPS / satnav systems on motorcycles.

Based in The Netherlands. Ordering via the dealer (no direct ordering)

Looks far better than the Touratech adapter bracket, however also more expensive.


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Picked up my new AT at the dealer this morning and made a 1st ride. BikePenR GPS mount was installed on the frame of the wind screen. Hooked in my Zumo390 and made adjustements for the best postion of the Zumo. GPS mount almost vertical and the Zumo close behind the screen at the same angle as the dash. Rock solid, no vibration of the Zumo, The Zumo blocks partly the view through the screen, but I am 1.90 m and look well above the screen. A happy man.
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