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Do we really need a scottoiler, (or any other brand) I will be doing about 5000 miles a year and reckon a good lubing once a week would be ok with some good chain oil or wax/dry lube type stuff

So just what are the pros and cons of chain oilers, as I'm not so sure unless perhaps you ride your bike daily and don't want the faff of keep oiling the chain every day!

I would be interested in your views on this
You are right its getting that correct amount on a regular basis that makes the chain and sprockets last longer AND getting the grit off them quickly. Anything that does that is good I have used Loobman and Scottoilers but they were always inconsistent, to much (me pushing the button Loobman) oil or to little. The scottoilers are very finickey to the oil weight. I ended up with a Pro Oiler because you can put any weight oil in them and you can go for many thousands of Km without haveing to think about oiling the chain. If you do weekly chain service there would be little value but if you dont, or dont like carrying extra items and servicing on long trips a good chain oiler is a no brainer. It will pay for it self at the first chain and sprocket change. This is my install below. Handlebar control for flow control rate wet, dusty, hard grit etc and river crossings. I typically use 90W axle oil or anything else I find on xtra long trips.


1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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